A mostrar mensagens de Maio, 2014

Queens Of The Stone Age e Make It Wit Chu

Apetece-me porque gosto quando o diferente é igual e a mesma coisa. :) 
You wanna know if I know why?
I can't say that I do
Don't understand the evil eye
Or how one becomes two



Héroes del Silencio e Sirena Varada

Apetece-me porque gosto de dedicar sonhos de luz. :)
Y me he enredado siempre

entre algas,

maraña contra los dedos.

cierras la madeja

con el fastidio del destino,

y el mordisco lo dan otros;

encías ensangrentadas,

miradas de criminales,

a grandes rasgos,

podrías ser tú.

Flunk e Blind My Mind

Apetece-me porque gosto da mente da minha cabeça. :)
All in all it´s just a start

All we had was more than that

All in all I can´t go back

To where we started out



iLiKETRAiNS e Hope Is Not Enough

Apetece-me porque gosto de dormir tranquilamente na minha real cama real… ;)
Our star burns bright,
As we curse it for the final time,
And we forget to breathe
And we regret
The process of our age,
Progress, stagnation and decay,
And we breathe deep.

Tracy Chapman e Give Me One Reason

Apetece-me porque gosto de ter energia (me) balançar. :)
Give me one reason to stay here and I'll turn right back around
Give me one reason to stay here and I'll turn right back around
Because I don' want to leave you lonely
But you got to make me change my mind

Jimi Hendrix e All Along The Watchtower

Apetece-me porque gosto de ver tudo através da torre… :)
Outside in the cold distance A wild cat did growl
Two riders were approaching
And the wind began to howl
All along the tower

The Kinks e Lola

Apetece-me porque gosto de dançar pela noite dentro! :)
Well, we drank champagne and danced all night
Under electric candle light
She picked me up and sat me on her knee
And said "dear boy, won't you come home with me?"
Well, I'm not the world's most passionate guy,
But when I looked in her eyes, well I almost fell for my lola

Jeff Buckley e Hallelujah

Apetece-me… a canção da nossa Mãe. :)
Well, maybe there's a God above
But all I've ever learned from love
Was how to shoot somebody who outdrew ya
And it's not a cry that you hear at night
It's not somebody who's seen the light
It's a cold and it's a broken hallelujah




Chihiro Iwasaki


Claudia Tremblay

Jarabe De Palo e La Flaca

Apetece-me porque... sinto-me um pouquito gorda… ;)
La flaca duerme de dia, dice que asi el hambre engaña
Cuando cae la noche baja a bailar a la tasca.
Y bailar y bailar, y tomar y tomar
Una cerveza tras otra pero ella nunca engorda
Pero ella nunca engorda

Homens vs Mulheres


O meu génio vem de ti


Cracker e Low

Apetece-me porque gosto de sóis azuis, céus verdes e mares amarelos. ;)
A million poppies gonna make me sleep
Just one rose and knows your name
The fruit is rusting on the vine
The fruit is calling from the trees

Oasis e Stop Crying Your Heart Out

Apetece-me porque porque gosto de seguir o (meu) caminho. :)
Cause all of the stars
Are fading away
Just try not to worry
You'll see them some day
Take what you need
And be on your way
And stop crying your heart out

Moddi e Rubbles

Apetece-me porque gosto de palavras fluídas. :)
These rivers are rain from a summer gone by
Dragging the rubbles to sea
They're pointing their guns towards a northern sky
Still none of them call themselves free

Gang Of Four e I Love A Man In A Uniform

Apetece-me porque gosto de ser protegida. :)
To have ambitions was my ambition
But I had nothing to show for my dreams
Time with my girl I spent it well



Anathema e The Beginning And The End

Apetece-me porque gosto de chaves que guardam a memória. :)
Inside this cold heart is a dream
That's locked in a box that I keep
Buried a hundred miles deep
Deep in my soul in a place that's surrounded by aeons of silence

Meiko e Reasons To Love You

Apetece-me porque gosto de sonhar nos (a)braços. :)
Give me a reason to fall in love

Take my hand and let's dance

Give me a reason to make me smile

Cause i think i forgot how

I wanna fall asleep with you tonight

I wanna know that i am safe when you hold me tight

I wanna feel like i wanna feel forever

No voo de um anjo


Deux escargots s'en vont...

Maxime Helier

London Grammar e Sights

Apetece-me porque gosto de continuar em linha recta. :)
What did you do
Wonder where your heart came from
What have you done
My only friend keep on
Wander or leave
Turn into winter lights
Keeping your strength
When it gets dark at night

CocoRosie e Terrible Angels

Apetece-me porque gosto de Freud e de Rilke e de Rimbaud e de Jimmy Morrison. :)

If every angel's terrible
Then why do you welcome them?
If every angel's terrible
Then why do you welcome them?
If every angel's terrible
Then why do you welcome them?
You say you'll provide the birdbath
If I provide the skin
And bathing in the moonlight
I'm to tremble like a kitten

Agnes Obel e Wallflower

Apetece-me porque gosto de goivos amarelos. :) 

Seven Mary Three e Cumbersome

Apetece-me porque gosto de ver pontes ressuscitando. :)
I have become cumbersome to this world
I have become cumbersome to my girl
too heavy too light, too black or too white,
too wrong or too right, today or tonight

Katatonia e Departer

Apetece-me porque gosto de branco ofuscante. :)
Only so far
According to who
The journey of our lives
I'm slow (when did you first say)
Compared to you
Departer (I swear it's the truth)
It's the month of july

Perguntas de um trabalhador que lê


Zeca Afonso e Maio Maduro Maio

Apetece-me porque não esqueço que Quem te quebrou o encanto, nunca te amou. :)
Maio maduro Maio, quem te pintou?
Quem te quebrou o encanto, nunca te amou.
Raiava o sol já no Sul.
E uma falua vinha lá de Istambul.

Sempre depois da sesta chamando as flores.
Era o dia da festa Maio de amores.
Era o dia de cantar.
E uma falua andava ao longe a varar.

Maio com meu amigo quem dera já.
Sempre no mês do trigo se cantará.
Qu'importa a fúria do mar.
Que a voz não te esmoreça vamos lutar.

Numa rua comprida El-rei pastor.
Vende o soro da vida que mata a dor.
Anda ver, Maio nasceu.
Que a voz não te esmoreça a turba rompeu.


… maduro Maio!