A mostrar mensagens de Agosto, 2016

*tudo é divino*


*the pineapple thief ~ the final thing on my mind*

oh this broken dawn light when my shooting feels right there's just one final thing on my mind oh the mist of this dawn the mist of a different dawn the final thing on my mind?

*the soaked lamb ~ a coffin for two*

carried on my back the heavy day light and in my pockets long distant nights my feet on the ground left a song of sand i carved my fate with empty hands then i made a promess to stop and stay put as cypress legs do i sunk mine like a root on a mourning morning buried my two souls: my pair of boots with slim soles and holes buried my pair of souls  in a coffin for two i quit wanderin' 'cause you asked me to *mais completo que afonso cruz é difícil *

*m83 ~ wait*

send your dreams where nobody hides give your tears to the tide no time no time there's no end there is no goodbye disappear with the night no time no time

*pygmy lush ~ it's a good day to hide*

feed off of the hive, but when the people get ready to lay down and die, it's a good day to hide.

*marillion ~ lucky man*

some of us want a fast car some of us want to stand and gaze some of us pine for the great outdoors some of us won't leave the house for days some of us have died for their freedom some are quite happy in the cage some think a wild time is what they want at night but freedom to sleep would be complete delight i truly am a lucky man i have everything that i want

*yaël naïm ~ my dreams*

you'll never say it's true
you want it all for you
inside you know you do
and i've been locked inside
but help me understand
you said you want my hand
you wanted to be friends
but now i understand you  only wanted my dreams
for yourself

*secos & molhados ~ rosa de hiroshima*

Hiroshima  6-agosto-1945 Para não esquecer esta rosa...
pensem nas crianças mudas, telepáticas pensem nas meninas cegas, inexatas pensem nas mulheres, rotas alteradas pensem nas feridas como rosas cálidas mas, oh! não se esqueçam da rosa, da rosa da rosa de hiroshima, a rosa hereditária a rosa radioativa, estúpida inválida a rosa com cirrose a antirosa atômica sem cor, sem perfume, sem rosa sem nada