A mostrar mensagens de Dezembro, 2016

*feliz ano novo*

2️⃣0️⃣1️⃣7️⃣, renovar e inovar❕ ☺️

*nina simone ~ to love somebody*

there' a light a certain kind of light i want my whole life to be  to live it with you live it with you
there's a way everybody says do each and every little thing what good does it bring if i ain't got you, if i ain't got you i ain't got you, i ain't got you
you don't know what it's like baby you don't what it's like to love somebody to love somebody the way i love you

*giles corey ~ no one is ever going to want me*

i'm armed to the teeth like a fucking animal i ruin everything i get my bony hands on
and here we go, now over the bridge of sighs we will get a cross like christ, crucified it's like a birth but it is in reverse never gets better, always gets worse
i'll gnaw at anything new england is mine, and it owes me a living
step one step two step three step four, we fall through the floor fall through the floor fall through the floor
i want to feel like i feel when i'm asleep

*nouvelle vague ~ dance with me*

let's dance little stranger show me secret sins love can be like bondage seduce me once again
burning like an angel who has heaven in reprieve burning like the voodoo man with devils on his sleeve
won't you dance with me in my world of fantasy won't you dance with me ritual fertility

*kinks ~ i'm not like everybody else*

i won't take all that they hand me down make out a smile, though i wear a frown and i'm not gonna take it all lying down 'cause once i get started, i go to town
'cause i'm not like everybody else i'm not like everybody else i'm not like everybody else i'm not like everybody else

*lanterna ~ silent hills*


*guia em dia de sol*


*nick cave ~ to be by your side*

across the oceans across the seas, over forests of blackened trees. through valleys so still we dare not breathe, to be by your side.

*jefferson airplane ~ white rabbit*

one pill makes you larger and one pill makes you small and the ones that mother gives you don't do anything at all go ask alice when she's ten feet tall